Wow, Kabang certainly deserves to live the dream after her heroic actions to save the lives of two children!

First Light Productions

Kabang, the hero dog from the Philippines, was released from the veterinary medical teaching hospital at the University of California, Davis, U.S., last week and cleared to return to her family.

The diminutive dog saved two young girls from an oncoming motorcycle in December 2011. The crash with the motorcycle literally ripped her face off, leaving her with a horrendous gaping wound.

Her heroism and miraculous survival captured the attention of the news media in the Philippines and hundreds of people around the world, who provided funds through the private organization Care for Kabang for her nearly eight months of treatments.

The dog was brought to University of California-Davis in October last year, but university veterinarians discovered she also had heartworm disease and an infectious cancer.

A team of specialized UC Davis veterinarians was formed to coordinate Kabang’s care. Treatment for the cancer and heartworm each had to be successfully…

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