DREAM in the City: Neil Sedlacek, Pawstruck Pet Nutrition

Neil Sedlacek, owner of Pawstruck Pet Nutrition will be joining DREAM in the City both as a vendor and as a keynote speaker. Neil will be sharing his knowledge on pet nutrition, exploring the connection between what we feed our dogs and their health. He will be discussing the different types of diets available (home cooked, raw, kibble, canned) and their respective merits and drawbacks, as well as what to look for in a commercially prepared diet. Join us for this informative session, and have the opportunity for one on one time with Neil during the day!


Growing up with three cats and two dogs, Neil has spent his life surrounded by animals. His first four-legged sidekick was a little grey and white kittenfrom The Winnipeg Humane Society. Who would’ve known that little kitten would cause a major change in direction for Neil.

When Neil took his new kitty to the vet for a checkup, he asked “what is the best food I can feed my cat?” Armed with a list of vet-recommended foods, he selected the most expensive brand assuming that cost would equate to quality. Shortly thereafter the pet industry was rocked by a massive recall which affected over 100 brands of cat and dog food. Thousands of pets across North America died from tainted ingredients. What hit home hardest was that every single item on the vet’s list was also on the recall list. Luckily Neil’s kitten wasn’t affected, but from there on out, he decided that he had to educate himself. The more informed he became about the pet food industry, the more he realized that the odds are stacked against the consumer. Conflicting information, misinformation, and massive marketing campaigns all work to undo even the best intentions.


Nuno, Neil’s White German Shepherd

After four years of research and countless consultations with industry insiders, Neil now owns and operates Pawstruck Pet Nutrition, a business committed entirely to providing pet parents with a selection of the best food available for their cats and dogs. Everything we do is focused towards the well being of cats and dogs. Every line of food stocked at Pawstruck is researched to determine if the diet is species appropriate, the nature of the preservatives used, the source of the ingredients, and the company’s history of recalls. “If there is anything we don’t like about a food, we simply will not sell it,” Neil states proudly. Of his many rules set when selecting what lines to carry, the most important is that he will only sell food that he is willing to feed to his four-legged family.

Visit DREAM in the City: Manitoba Canine Expo on Saturday, June 22nd from 11:00am to 4:00pm, located at Four Points Sheraton South (2935 Pembina Hwy), where Neil will be among five keynote speakers, including Asmara Polcyn! More information at www.dreamrescue.ca.


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