DREAM Dog Friday: Pam, Cam, Salty and Dakota

For the first time in her 13 years, Pam and Cam Gilroy-Rajotte’s dog Salty had to stay at home alone when they went out. Her sister Pepper died of cancer in Dec. 2012 leaving her the only canine in the family. As an older dog Salty would not put up with a pup bouncing about and barking in her home, so Pam and Cam had to be careful in choosing a new friend for her.

They first saw Button online. She was described as being a calm, good natured, and well-mannered dog, so, knowing black dogs like her had a more difficult time finding homes, Pam and Cam decided to meet her.

Pam said Button was even more beautiful in person than in photographs. While Salty was a little leery of her during the first meeting, the second went much better! Only one problem–Button had heartworms and the couple really wasn’t sure what that would mean for the dog’s long-term health.

Button’s vet guessed she was three years old when Manitoba Mutts rescued her from somewhere near Lake Manitoba. Although Button had heartworms causing her to be unable to take care of her puppies, Pam was assured that the Bernese Mountain Dog cross was otherwise healthy and the prognosis was good.

Pam said that while the dog is cute as a button, the name just wasn’t fitting to such a powerful animal. Button has become Dakota when she became apart of the Gilroy-Rajotte family.

The family’s only trouble now is dealing with the heartworms. Pam said it’s hard because they have to keep Dakota calm. She cannot go for walks in the heat because she pants, or travel to the country because car rides excite her.

But soon the nightmare of heartworms will be over and Dakota will really be able to live the DREAM with her new furever-family.



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