DREAM Dog Friday: Katie and Dooley

“Everyday he amazes me,” said Katie Powell about Dooley, or Straight Leg Sally, as he is sometimes called. When Dooley gets excited he gets a goofy smile on his face, throws back his head and runs wildly with his three legs kept straight.


Though the Rottweiler-cross was rescued from a dog pack near a Kenora-area First Nation with many injuries, he is affectionate and loving who loves his toys, balls, and new mama. Katie said Dooley is obsessed with her and so appreciative of the love he gets. He has never peed in her house or chewed anything he shouldn’t.

Katie heard about a severely injured dog running with a pack who would likely die soon and decided to have him rescued. She went out herself and helped catch the dog then drove him home. Katie intended to be a foster mom for Dooley, but as the vet bills piled up the rescue supporting Dooley said they would have to put him down.

Katie said she had promised Dooley she would save his life and that’s what she intended to do. Instead of letting him be euthanized Katie adopted the lucky dog and took on responsibility of his vet bills. She did some fundraising to get money for the medical care he needed.

The morning of Friday March 15 one of Dooley’s hind legs was amputated. By the night of Saturday March 16 Dooley was walking up and down the stairs by himself.

Last week while playing at Kilcona Park Dooley went running and jumped into the water. Katie was immediately very upset and worried her pal would drown. But as it turns out Dooley is a great swimmer! He was having so much fun he just wouldn’t get out.

Katie and Dooley are absolutely in love now. Katie wants to make sure people know that adopting older dogs can be as rewarding as bringing home puppies, breeds with bad reputations probably don’t deserve them, and dogs rescued from packs can make great pets. Just look at Dooley.