It’s a DREAM Come True

A warm, waggling welcome from The DREAM Team!

We are absolutely thrilled to be launching Dog Rescue, Education & Advocacy of Manitoba. A bit about us: with a focus on education and awareness, our goal is to help control the dog population in Manitoba by providing tools and resources necessary to practice proper pet guardianship. Our vision is to support, education and advocate change within Manitoba to help alleviate the overpopulation of dogs and treat them wtih value and respect. Because every dog deserves to live the DREAM. 

What we’re DREAMing of …

“Seeing the rescue community strong, cooperative and dedicated to beating animal overpopulation together.” – Deanne P, Executive Director

“To instil in Manitoban pet owners the same love, care and dedication for their dogs as I feel towards mine.” – Trista L, Assistant Executive Director

“Erasing the suffering of dogs through education, population reduction, and rescue, so that every single dog in Manitoba can live the DREAM!” – Erin D, Finance & Administration Director

“Educating the general population on the importance of spay and neuter. Also, to ensure when a dog is brought home, it’s a forever dog.” – Jill H, Marketing & Communications Director 

“To create a positive movement in Manitoba where we focus on controlling the dog population through education, proper pet guardianship and most importantly teamwork. I dream of change!” – Stacey M, Productions Director

“Educating children about issues facing dogs in Manitoba, and to foster a love and respect for the dogs at an early age. I’d love to show Manitoba what a positive impact dogs can have on a child’s learning!” – Victoria R, Community Outreach Director

“Collaborating with rescues and organizations to address the dog overpopulation issue in Manitoba. As a united group we can educate the public to eliminate the unnecessary suffering and abuse our province’s dogs face.” – Desiree M, Fix It Manitoba! Program Manager

“Ending the need for shelters and rescues in our communities.” – Robin S, Public Donations Manager

“To positively impact the existing dog population in Manitoba by addressing the root issues behind overpopulation and providing the education needed to make a change. I hope to help all dogs currently living without a home to find their forever families.” – Chelsea T, Corporate Relations Manager

“Educating people about issues related to dogs so well that all dogs in Manitoba have safe, loving homes and dog rescue and education groups like DREAM are no longer needed.” – Meg C, Creative Manager

“Working to fix the root problems that exist in the dog population in Manitoba through education, partnerships, community involvement, and fun.” – Kailey B, Communications Manager

So stick around and be a part of our dream! We have lots of exciting and fun initiatives to come!

Upcoming Events: